A Guide to Using a Pendulum

Guide to using a Pendulum

I think using a pendulum is an awesome and easy way to communicate with your spirit, spirit guides, and those who have passed away; however, there is a lot of different little steps that go into the use of a pendulum because it does open a portal allowing other energies to come in. Through using a pendulum, you can ask “yes” and “no” questions only and your “yes” could look different than someone else using a pendulum. This makes sense, right? How your spirit communicates with you is unique in the ways you are listening and shown signs. So let’s dive right into a short guide of how to use a pendulum. The place to begin is to find a pendulum that speaks to you. Pendulums are specific to your energy and often can only be used by you and no one else. So when you go online find a pendulum that you like the look and don’t second guess yourself. Your energy will draw you to the pendulum that you need. Another option is to go somewhere and physically test pendulums. How you do that is similar to how you ask pendulums to allow your spirit, spirit guides, or those who have passed to communicate with you.

Choosing a Pendulum that’s right for you!

Step 1: Hold the pendulum, close your hand and take a few deep breaths to center yourself and allow for a clear connection to Spirit.

Step 2: Ask your Spirit to communicate with you through this pendulum to let you know if it is the right pendulum for you.

Step 3: Hold the pendulum over one palm.

Step 4: Ask the pendulum to show you what “yes” looks like.

Step 5: Wait for it to begin swinging in one direction. Once you have seen clearly what “yes” looks like tell your pendulum to “stop”.

Step 6: Repeat steps 3-5 asking what “no” and “maybe” look like. Make sure to tell the pendulum to stop in between each question you ask it.

Step 7: Ask the pendulum if this is the right pendulum for you. If it answers “no” try these steps with other pendulums until you find the one that says “yes”.

Using Your Pendulum

After you have found a pendulum that is yours, it is time to begin using your pendulum to communicate with you spirit, spirit guides, and those who have passed. This process is very similar to finding a pendulum that is yours. The big difference is clearing your pendulum after each use. To do this you will hold it in your hand closed, ask your spirit guides to assist you in clearing any energy that your pendulum is holding that will not serve your highest good. Take a few deep breaths while you allow that to happen. Then you can ask for your spirit, spirit guides, or those who have passed to communicate with you through the pendulum.

When asking to have someone who is no longer on this Earth plane to communicate with you through the pendulum make sure to ask your spirit guides to also assist you in not allowing any other energy through except the asked entity. This will ensure you are protected from letting unwanted or negative entities attach to you and also ensure you are communicating with the asked person who has passed on.

Once you have cleared the pendulum’s energy and clearly stated who you are calling in, you are ready to begin using your pendulum. The first time you use your pendulum repeat Steps 3-6 outlined above. After you have successfully completed these steps, you may begin asking your pendulum “yes” and “no” questions. Trust the answers you are given and know that if you don’t feel like the answer is clear or exaggerated enough, feel free to ask your pendulum to show you the answer more clearly. When you are done using your pendulum for the time being, remember to clear its energy once again.

Have fun using your pendulum! It is a great way to get some clarity on issues you are struggling with especially in you have questions in between our sessions! Enjoy and Blessed Be!

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