Caitlyn Dorsey is The Abundance Alchemist, Animal Communicator, Author, and Motivational Speaker. She guides her clients to open their minds and hearts to abundance in all its magical forms. Caitlyn works with the whole human body; mind, body, and spirit while incorporating animal work. She offers a unique approach, combining practical tools from counseling and spiritual practices working with both the conscious and subconscious mind to achieve what she calls magic-realism vibes. Caitlyn bridges the gap between our human experience and spiritual existence while leading us on our Divine paths! She began her journey in self-discovery through volunteering. She fell in love and pursued formal education in Human Services, Mental Health and Addiction Counseling, but always felt something was missing with traditional approaches. After years of travelling, immersing in cultures, and work with diverse populations including Veterans, Involuntary Psychiatric Patients, Domestic Violence Victims and Perpetrators, and Substance Abusers, she was led to the transformational work she does today.