Are You In Tune With Yourself?

In a world where things are constantly moving, comparison is being the thief of your joy, your “to-do list” never seems to end, and you may feel there is not enough time in the day to think about your dreams, let alone act on them, I just want you to know you are doing fantastic! I feel like so many of us need to hear this and not only hear it but deeply integrate it and feel it in our Soul. Take a breath and know someone sees you trying!

My sweet friend, you are exactly where you NEED to be, where you are supposed to be. Even if you don’t understand why, are facing a challenge that feels like Mount Everest, or you feel like you are taking two steps back with every one step forward, you are exactly where you need to be at this moment. I am inviting you to trust yourself in this deep knowing and with how you will move forward.

You are the EXPERT on you! You know yourself like no one else does and you are the only one who can give yourself all your desires and dreams!

I know in our busy lives, sometimes it can feel like there is no way to stop and catch our breath, especially as the pressure builds with false beliefs of everyone “doing it,” whatever “it may look like better, but I invite you to check in with yourself about where you are at and how it feels within you!

These four questions are a guide to truly tune into yourself and reset your path accordingly. Write them down, put them in your phone, or write them in bright red lipstick on your mirror. Do what works for you and reminds you that your feelings, aspirations, and desires, MATTER!

Question 1: Are your actions and behaviors in alignment with your values, your desires, and your dreams?

Question 2: What emotions are you currently experiencing in your body and where? Get Specific!

Question 3: What emotions do you want to experience? (Life Hack: Our brains and bodies are so amazing that if we think about a time, we felt the desired emotion and sit with it, we can feel that emotion again in the present moment.)

Question 4: What do you NEED and WANT for yourself today?

I hope this can be a helpful guiding conversation with yourself to use when those feelings that we know all too well of anxiousness, stress, and overwhelm creep in, you can move out of them and onto a path filled with vibrancy and joy!

I am sending you so much love in your journey from my heart to yours. I want to leave you with a few sentences that I saw on a local bagel drive-thru of all places that stuck with me (Also bagels are a yummy comfort food, in my opinion HAHA).

The sign said, “I love you. You may be thinking you can’t love me because you do not know me, but in a world where people choose to hate others for no reason, I can love you for no reason.”

So my friend, I love you for an ABUNDANCE of reasons and I hope you have a vibrant and joyful day celebrating you! Thank you for spending time reading this post. I know your time is valuable and if you prefer to listen in a sacred space of acceptance, growth, and showing up unapologetically, tune into The Abundance Alchemist Podcast!

Your High-Vibing Friend,

Caitlyn Dorsey


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