Celebrating Our Daily Wins

Why Celebrate the Small Things?

Life is full of accomplishments. Each and every day we all experience different events in our life which includes small victories. Now what a victory for you looks like when compared to your best friend, sister, or even significant other will be very different, but ALL of them deserve to be celebrated no matter what they are. By giving attention to small wins, you are making your conscious mind focus on the positive in your life. This simple action will do wonders for how you show up in every other aspect of your life because it keeps your energy in high vibes!

In society we are taught to always look to the next big goal which is helpful since it keeps us moving forward, but not if we don’t stop for a second and celebrate our small wins! This idea of “Oh I will be happy when….” (Fill in the blank) is bogus! If you are not happy in the present moment then you will not know how to be happy when you accomplish any goal. Take in that last part. If you are not happy in your current situation seeing the present abundance, you will not be happy when you have the dream house, dream career, dream car, etc. So let’s change that! All we have is right now! We cannot change the past and we cannot be in the future so what we do in the now is all we can do to help make our futures the dream life we all aspire to and feel the feelings we desire when we reach those goals.

What to Celebrate

Now you may be asking, “alright Caitlyn, but what do I celebrate? When does it become too much or what is too silly to celebrate?” The answer is every single moment that makes you feel joy in any way MUST be celebrated. Give it the time of day and focus energy on it. We are all masters of recounting to our friends or family what negative thing happened at work that day and letting negative events cloud how our entire day feels, but struggle when shifting this to the positive. The more energy we focus on the positive in our days, the more we will attract abundance in positive events as well as any other desires! It is no secret that what we put our energy into or focus our energy on, will flourish yet we still all get stuck in this mindset of having to prevent the negative in ways of focusing on it. STOP right now! Do not focus on trying to prevent something negative. Focus on the FEELINGS you will have when the goal is completed. The choice is completely yours of what you attract into your life.

Go back and re-read the last sentence! The choice is yours! You can control what comes into your life! Move into the space of love energy with me. Breathe it in. Give yourself permission to feel the emotions of love, joy, and feelings of accomplishment. Let’s start to celebrate now!!!!

How to Celebrate

So this all sounds great, but how do we do this right? Well, any way that lets you acknowledge a positive win for you is the perfect way! How you decide to acknowledge the positive in your life is 100% customizable to you which is why it makes it so exciting! Here is how I like to focus on my wins. I like to acknowledge my wins, think about how it will affect me from now on  while I continue my journey, and breathe in the self-love as I take a break from everything to just bask in the feelings of success. Take a few minutes and think about how you would like to celebrate your wins each day. Is it five minutes of meditation, having a piece of chocolate and being mindful, taking a walk with your pet, etc.? Feel free to comment your responses and share ideas with other readers as well as me! As I stated before, any way that helps you feel positive and celebrate your wins is the right way for you. A side note that I feel should be added is that this celebration is not just a physical sense of happiness, it is a positive reinforcement for your mind, body, spirit, and soul. It is a way to train your mind that when positive things happen you feel the effects of them in all areas of life. It is a reward that will benefit your life as you continue moving towards your dream life!

I also wanted to share a small practical task you can use to keep your mind in a positive frame and maintain high loving vibes as you keep practicing celebrating your daily wins. It was explained to be as the “3 and 3.”  Each evening you take three deep breaths and reflect on your day. Pick three small victories you had that day and think about how they made you feel. Identify those feels and take yourself back to that moment. Take a small mind vacation if you will. Then more on to identifying three things you are grateful for in your day. Dig deep and feel how writing those three things down makes your body feel. Noticing where these emotions are being felt in your body will also help you understand where your body physically holds emotions. Try  doing the “3 and 3” consistently for two weeks and you will notice the differences in your mood as well as how you show up in your life. Also don’t forget to share your reactions in the comments section below.

I Am Ready to Start

Now is the time to really put the information in this blog to action! Let’s all start tackling life in a healthier way and coming from a place of love. Time to celebrate life and leave the negative out of your energetic field. You do not need that!

Start Right Now To Change Your Life!

-Aa always please reach out with any questions or concerns. I am here to serve you on your journey. Blessed Be!


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