Counseling Session (Colorado Residents Only)

Caitlyn Dorsey

Life comes with beauty, love, fear, sadness, challenges, and much more. Somehow we have adopted the idea we must do life alone and keep a smile on our face at all times. I am here to share that you get to decide what your life looks like and we are not meant to navigate our lives alone.

Counseling provides a safe space to share and process what is truly going on inside you! It is a place you can empowered to be your authentic self and learn how to shine once again.

I am happy you are here and deciding counseling could benefit you! In counseling, I will help support you and assist you in creating a life you love. It is time to find your true self, embrace yourself, and love who you are!

Please reach out to schedule your initial session through the contact page or email me at and let’s begin this journey together! I am beyond honored to support you because you deserve it all my friend!

P.S. I do not want finances to be a barrier to getting the help you need! My sessions cost $115 (Initial is $125) and I do offer a sliding scale as well if needed. Let’s connect and see what can be beneficial for both parties!