Selenite Crystals, Their Healing Properties And Energy Clearing

Let’s start with just touching the surface of the amazing world of crystals. Crystals in general are all very unique and special in their own way. Each crystal speaks to individuals in different ways and exchanges energy with you. They have protection powers often that blocks unhelpful energy from penetrating our fields and healing powers that assist in clearing as well as rejuvenating the energy we are made of. It can be hard to know where to start when looking for crystals if you are not familiar with their specific characteristics. I suggest you go to a gem show in your area and let the crystals speak to you to start understanding. Look for the crystals you are drawn to repeatedly and then research the properties and powers of that crystal. Crystals will enter your life in the exact time you are in need of them. Now as a warning, crystals can take on negative energy that will need to be cleared when they come into your possession. For that reason, I recommend always having Selenite present.
Selenite is personally one of my favorite crystals. As mentioned above, it clears any other crystals around it which keeps you from having to clear any new crystals you add to your space. Not only does Selenite clear other crystals, when you go under it (if it is above a doorway), it will clear your energy field too. Think about how awesome that is. When you have a hard day at work or are in an argument with someone close to you and you come home, if Selenite is above your entryway, you leave all of that energy outside your home. It protects your home from negative energy coming in and keeps your space clean energetically. If that is not enough, it is an awesome sleep aid too. I had a lot of trouble sleeping and am a dream traveler. Even clearing my energy before bed, I would have nightmares and would toss and turn at night. After framing my room with Selenite, and asking only to travel through positive auras, I sleep better than ever now. I wake up rested and feeling refreshed, excited to start my new day.
Selenite can be worn too. I prefer to wear Selenite as well as have it in my space, so that my energy field is protected when I am out and about because you never know what energy you are absorbing from others around you if you are not careful. It also keeps me from having to worry about clearing any other crystal I wear. When wearing Selenite, feelings of stress, anger, and fear will be cleared quickly making it appear to have a calming effect on oneself. Those feelings also tend to coincide with negative ego-based messages to self which will also be cleared. Doesn’t that sound great? Selenite really is a strong healing helper and brings good luck your way. It assists in activating your higher chakras too, specifically your Crown Chakra allowing for your connection to Pure Source to flow more smoothly. That also helps with making your memory stronger and provides mental clarity, but I’m not going to dive into Chakras in this writing.
Now that you know a little more about Selenite, I just want to encourage you to respect its placement in your home. It is not generally just used as a decoration. Place it somewhere that it has a purpose such as the above mentioned ideas. Selenite is a very powerful crystal and I caution you to ease into using it. I would also recommend having it in your place and feeling the effects it has on you before moving forward and using it in meditation. However, once you do enjoy the amazing energy Selenite has, use it in meditation and really connect with your Spirit. It opens a whole new way to connect when used. Have a blast and play around with your crystals! Blessed Be!

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    Selenite crystals are amazing for promoting healing and clearing negative energy – definitely give them a try!

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