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  • Grounding and Tension Releasing Meditation

    Do you feel tension somewhere in your body that just won’t go away?! We hold stress and emotions in our body and eventually our body forgets how to release that area unless we re-teach it how! In this meditation…

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  • Conscious Breathing Meditation

    Our breath is so POWERFUL!!! We can reset our entire physical body and mind breathing correctly! In this meditation, I walk you through a conscious breathing technique that is scientifically proven to reset your physical body and mind by…

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  • Energetic Cleansing Meditation MP3

    Are you holding onto other people’s energy in your field? Often we own energy that is not ours and have no idea why we are feeling the way we are. An Energy Cleansing Practice is something you ABSOLUTLEY should…

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  • Grounding With Nature Meditation MP3

    Grounding is a MUST in our crazy and stressful daily lives, but often gets overlooked. When we are ungrounded, we are not able to connect and be in alignment with our highest good. This meditation will help you quickly…

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  • Design Your Destiny Season 1 Interviews!

    Design Your Destiny Season 1 is a full of powerful interviews from some of the most INFLUENTIAL teachers TODAY!!! With this season, you will have a LIFETIME access to 12 interviews full of powerful tips, tricks, and tools to…

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  • Manifesting Like A Master Training MP3

    It is time to manifest the life you love!!! We hear A TON about manifesting, but there are a few aspects that get left out! In this training, I walk you through a process of manifesting step by step…

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  • Distance Reiki

    For 7 days, I will send you distance healing energy transmissions full of love, support, and healing. This is truly an energetic reset. These transmissions will support you on all levels of your being; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.…

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  • Self- Love Activation Meditation MP3

    Self-Love is a tricky concept for all of us! We want to radiate in a high vibration with constant confidence, feelings of connection/support, and loving who we are. This is not always the reality because growth is not always…

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