The Healing Power Of Our Animals

It is no secret how much we love our pets and the connections we have with them. Sometimes the amount of love we have for them can even be overwhelming. I completely understand this because to be honest I like animals more than I like humans. Really who doesn’t?! This makes perfect sense to me. Animals are pure. They are here to love us, to teach us, to show us what we are not willing to look at, and to help us heal! Animals are absolutely amazing at what they can and do achieve! No animal comes into an owner’s life by accident EVER!

The question is, how do they do this?

Well this is where Animal Communication comes into play. Let’s start by first addressing that this is a foreign concept to some. Believe me, when I tell people I am also an Animal Communicator, people will normally laugh due to a bit of discomfort and then ask if I am a “dog whisper.” People will say that animals can’t talk…..This is sad to me. Thinking that humans are the only life form that has a way to communicate blows me away!

Animals do talk. They help us feel. They show us things. You do have conversations with our pets. We all do and are all capable of communicating with them, we just have to open up to it.
How do they communicate?

Animals communicate in four common ways.

First, they will tell you something. You will hear it. You are not going crazy! Close your eyes and listen. Ask your pet a question. Listen to them.

Second, they help us feel! They will help us have an overwhelming feeling. We can tune in and feel discomfort in their body or their emotion. Think of this in terms of sharing emotions with others. When someone you are around is in a bad mood, you can feel it. They do not have to say anything, you just feel it. This is the exact same with your pets! They feel and have emotions that they share the same as people.

Third, they show us things. They can show us images or memories they have. It is their way of storytelling. They let you live it.

Fourth, they can show a metaphor. This one most of the time happens in images. They may be helping you get over an obstacle and show you a picture of you going around a mountain instead of over it.


Animals are in tune and highly intuitive teachers. They come to provide us love and healing. This does come with a big responsibility for us as well though!

Our animals want to help us heal so much that they try to take on our struggles. Have you noticed when you don’t feel well, are crying, or are really stressed, your pets are around you more? This is them trying to provide comfort and take away some of this energy from us. The crazy thing about this is that there are studies that show when we pet our animals for 10 seconds endorphins in our brain are released!


Back to our responsibly though. Our animals are here to help us heal and teach us. That does not mean to take on our stuff and process it themselves. We need to sit in our own discomfort to heal. The discomfort is where the growth happens. We need to set up energetic boundaries with our pets. I cannot stress the importance of this!
Our animals are so pure and high vibrational beings that dragging them down with our third-dimensional struggles is very harmful. We of course do not mean to do this. No one wants to harm the pets we love so much so setting up energetic boundaries regularly in your practice is vital.

So, what does this look like?

Well, listen to yourself and your pet first of all. Next, thank them for all they do for you. Let them know you appreciate them trying to take some of your pain or discomfort away, but this is your job to process it. Visualize the boundary around your and your pet in a beautiful pure light and then cuddle the heck out of them!

They will feel so much better after this! I also want to say that setting these boundaries is not going to be destructive in the relationship at all. It will be quite the opposite. Your pet will be able to serve you how they are here too and the channel for an open bridge of communication will be easier as well!

I know this may be new information for you which is awesome! Take a deep breath and take away these two things.


Listen to your pet! They are communicating with you!

Have a practice with your animals setting up energetic boundaries at least weekly.

My friend, although your pet is part of your life, you are your pet’s entire life! Embrace that!

Sending so much love to you and your pets!
Caitlyn Dorsey

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