The Power Of Surrender

Surrender, Let Go, Release…..

To surrender, let go, or release can seem tough concepts to fully grasp. It is something we talk about, but to completely release control pushes us into fear, the unknown, out of our comfort zone.

What does surrender or letting go even look like?

Surrendering and letting go is done through courage and faith; through feeling support.

Surrendering is relinquishing all that no longer serves you, all that makes you feel like you need to take more control, things that are bigger than just you, the path of life, questions, concerns, truly everything. Surrending to a higher power allows us to acknowledge there is more than just us. Surrendering allows us to live in ease and grace.

Now surrendering is a practice we constantly have to engage in whether it be daily, every hour, or every five minutes depending on the emotional, energetic, a and physical strain you are experiencing.

The miscommunication about surrendering as it being weak, not taking responsibility for your actions or life, not being real, shows the fear cycle we engage in daily. However, the truth of the matter is all surrendering is doing is grounding us, strengthening us, and allowing us to be connected to the Universal Flow of Manifesting. We do not control all the ways our paths turn.

How do we surrender?

This is a different practice for all of us. The way you surrender must feel true and pure to you.

For me, I call in my higher powers. I call is Mother Earth. I call in my Spirit Guides and I feel the beautiful white light of protection encompass me. I say what I am releasing and surrender all the outcomes, unpleasant emotions, fear, anticipation, stress to them. I ask for guidance and clarity. I feel the release in every part of my body. I allow. I experience.

It is powerful to me. I use my elements and tools such as water, sage, crystals or anything that allows me to feel the sense of safety and comfort. I embrace my inner knowing that I am protected.

Surrender is embracing your authentic self, showing the power of connection, accepting help.

Surrender is necessary and the true way to your dreams.

I am surrender.

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