The Superpower You Already Have

The Superpower You Already Have!


Breathing is more powerful than we give credit too. We are all aware breathing keeps us alive, but are you fully aware of what being alive means? Are you just surviving?


The power of our breath is greatly underrated. It is the absolute most powerful thing we have. Breath can change how we move forward in every single action. Breath can change the entire reactions occurring within our body. Breath can reset your stress hormones. Breath can bring you out of anxiety and into the present moment. Breath can stimulate your brain and give it the power to do things you could not touch before, yet we do not give it the time to be a conscious thought regularly. How does this make sense?


I have heard individuals time and time again say that meditation does not work for them, or that they do not have time to take a step back and have a few minutes of conscious deep breathing practices and to this I have two things that I want to challenge. 


First, if you do not truly have the time to take every 5 minutes out of your day to prioritize breathing, what are you doing with your time! Even with working a 40 hour work week and sleeping 8 hours a night, we still have 72 hours a week! I also would say my friend, I am sending you so much love because the hustle doesn’t have to be the way anymore! 


If you feel yourself saying, “I do not have the time,” shift this and say, “That is not important to me and I will not make time.” See how it feels because in our subconscious the latter is the message being reinforced. Become aware of what you prioritize and allow the thing that keeps us living on this Earth to be something that is warranted attention throughout the day. 


My second challenge is if the meditations you have tried feel like they do not work, make it something that does work for you. If sitting in a quiet space does not feel helpful, go to a coffee shop and listen to all the noises or focus on the sensation of drinking your coffee. Meditation to some has become this idea of a restrictive practice that has to happen in a certain position in a certain way. This could not be further from the truth. Meditation is a practice that is supposed to be freeing. It is a place of expansion and can look anyway you want as long as it brings you into the present moment. It brings you into connection with your body. Let this be a starting point for you and let go of the constraint of how others practice keep you from enjoying the beautiful benefits of meditation. 


On this note, remember that no one else has the answer for you in any area. You already possess everything you need! Others may help you in the journey of understanding that, but you have the way. I will say, one of the populations I saw this in the most, was my time working in residential addiction facilities. Facilities, programs, and even other patients would tell others that their way was THE way because it had worked for them as well as many others. When a client would push back and say, I don’t think this approach works for me, they would be told they were wrong in some way. This is NOT accurate! We all have individual adventures and the most amazing thing is that on this journey we get to pick and choose what works for us and what simple does not. Allow others to share, but choose what you integrate to be your own just like the way you practice breathing! 


Breathing is a power we already possess, but often gets looked over as insignificant. 


If we label the exact thing that keeps us alive as insignificant, what does that enforce to our subconscious that truly rules how we walk through life? 


Show yourself you matter today and take a moment to bring your attention to your breath! Just notice your breath! You have to start somewhere and breathing is a BEAUTIFUL and necessary palace too! I promise my friend, when you begin using your breath, the entire way life is approached will shift! 


Enjoy your breathing love!


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