The Truth About Social Media!


The Truth About Social Media

I know we don’t’ really want to talk let alone admit how much time we spend on social media, but we really need too! What we see on social media affects us so much and I was pretty curious about how much of our lives really are interacting with it, so I did some research naturally. This is based on North America due to that being where I live and not being able to find a global research statistic, but definitely check out the research in your area if it is not North America! Back to the stats, on average we interact with media 11 hours a day!!! 11 hours a day is crazy!!!! This is including if we are hearing it in the background, using our cellphones, using navigation in our car, TV, or working on the computer, but still that is almost all of our sunshine hours! Think about how much of our energy goes into technology and media. It is a bit nuts, but not necessarily bad because we are in a growing technological age so leave the judgements at the front door here!

Does Social Media Really Affect My Life Path Though?

Those 11 hours are just media in general, but I want to get specific about how social media affects us right? Before I drop the stifling statistic about how much time in an average lifespan is spent on social media alone, let’s talk about why this even matters. How the hell does it affect us and does it really impact us enough to write a blog about? Short Answer: HELL YES!!!

Long Answer: Think about when you get on social media and what you look at. Are you following people that inspire you or people that make you irritated? Who wakes up and is guilty of immediately checking their phones or social media (Low hand raises….me too)?? If you are looking on social media right when you wake up and see someone post something that makes you sad that sets you tone for your morning and maybe even the rest of the entire day. There is one thing that comes to mind when I think of what I use to follow on social media that would really make me feel so upset and that is animal abuse post. Now I think an important note to make here is that just because we support something or do not condone something does not mean we need to constantly have our heart strings pulled about the matter and here is what I mean! Obviously if you are reading this post or drawn to me you love animals which means you are not cool with animal abuse and basically want to severely hurt anyone that does it! We are in the same boat! I do not follow animal rights activists that constantly post pictures of abused pets or stories about animals being killed by people because it really hurts me, but I use too because I felt I was supporting their purpose to stop it. Just because I do not follow them on social media does not by any means depict that I do not support their message, but making me sad about it happening does not help that animal or me! (Mic Drop)

You could argue that it draws attention to the issue and makes people move in ways to keep it from happening and I am not saying it does not, but I am constantly serving animals and have my own rescue pets without having to see those posts daily. It is not the only way and personally not a way I agree with! I feel it is an embarrassment to the animal not a right doing, but before diving too deep into that specific scenario, the entire point of this is that if you follow things that made you feel any unwanted emotion, you are showing the Universe you want more of that emotion. Like attracts like!!! We know this!! The animal abuse post are not the only ones that make us feel unwanted emotions. There is such a long list and it will be unique to each of us. Make some space for yourself to find what makes you feel unwanted emotions that pops up on social media.

One more example I see and have been guilty of as well that I think is worth mentioning is if you are following those incredible fitness models and they make you feel badly about your BEAUTIFUL body! Stop following them! First of all, you are stunning! Second, we are all on our own journey and no two bodies are supposed to be exactly alike! Now if they motivate you in love for yourself, but do not make you shame yourself that is a completely different energy. There is power in inspiration! Follow people that inspire you and that truly make you grow in loving yourself! Like attracts like! When you align with their energy you raise your own! This is where the magic happens!


Now for the daunting statistic on social media time we have all been waiting for. In North America, the average lifespan when I did my research was 78.7 years old. In that many years as of today, a total of 5 years and 4 months 24/7is spent on social media!

That is crazy attention and energy being given to social media! Does it make sense now why who we follow and how we use social media matters?! Please being saying “HELL YES!!!”


 Imagine if you followed only people who inspire you and you strive to be like by learning to love yourself again? Amazing things will happen!!! So stop following those people you don’t even really like that you went to high school with and only follow because you like the amount of friends you have on social media or because you are simply being nosy. Stop following those people you really don’t know and want to unfollow but feel guilty about unfriending, and stop following those family members that you may not be able to unfriend because they are family……Social Media sets the tone for how over 5 years of your life is going to look. Don’t try to fool yourself that social media does not affect your energy because it affects us all. Protect your energy and show yourself some love!!


Also final note, all those “perfect people” on social media have stories and messy journeys just like you and I, so never ever think anyone is better than you! YOU ARE A FRICKIN ROCKSTAR!!!

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